Why Yellow Matters

Why Yellow Matters is about communicating. Writing. Deciding. Understanding. Thinking things. Deciding things. Writing things. It is about brevity and balance. Cleverness and chaos and clarity. The hard things and the great things and opening yourself up to the zone. But most simply, it’s about taking the time to ask why. It is about how …

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The Forgotten Carol

In this special Christmas episode, we take a look at a short section of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol that never seems to make the movie. It’s a literary-cinematic montage where Scrooge and the Ghost of Christmas Present take wing across countryside and sea to get a deeper glimpse into the working persons holiday celebration …

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Hot Type – 100 Things I Believe

A special, solo episode of The Forge where I walk through a list of 100 things I believe. It’s an exercise in paying attention and being intentional about the things you do and knowing why you choose to do them. Might not be a bad exercise for you all to try, too.