Why Yellow Matters – the book


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Words mean things. To the speaker and writer, and to the reader and listener. But they also hold meaning, inherently. They have history and carry original intent whether you’re paying attention to it or not.

This is a thought Lyle Smith has held close to his heart throughout his lengthy career as a communicator –from the early days as a daily newspaper reporter, through the long hours as an agency copywriter and strategist, to his current, independent iteration as a brand storyteller and content creator.

Words hold meaning. And they combine to tell stories. And those stories touch people in ways that matter and enable them to communicate facts and feelings to other humans.

What is it that makes things matter to people? And how do you tap into the power of that meaning?

Why YELLOW Matters endeavors to answer these questions and help you make your things matter more.

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9 x 6 paperback. 157 pp.